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About us

What is MAGSatHOME?

MAGSatHOME is the online shopping portal for RamsayMedia. Here you can purchase magazine subscriptions, books and other brand-related products as well as book for events - all at your own convenience.

The Subscriber Services department plays a crucial role in the growth and development of RamsayMedia, Caxton publishers. Fielding calls, emails, faxes and other requests. We work hard to ensure that the relationship between publisher and subscriber is developed and maintained. The team works on a tight schedule to ensure that the marketing efforts of all Media companies we service are handled with a personal touch. An extremely high standard of service is provided through ongoing measurement of our delivery quality, administration accuracy and personal attention.

We provide subscription management solutions on both print and digital platforms. Our focus is on innovative and automated solutions to assist our external publishing houses in growing and maintaining their subscriber base.

Caxton Publishing
Conde Nast
Creature Media
Index Publications CC
Inside Publishing
Lowveld Media
Mike Simpson Media
New Media Publishing
Premier Attraction
Tip Africa Publishing
Wag The Dog Publishers

Contact Centre Telephone (local): 087 405 2005
International Helpline: +27 21 045 1809
Fax Number: 0866 704 101

International Fax: +27 21 531 3143